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The Pact in text. Flowers, ebook cover

When we were ten we made a pact. 

When we were twelve she moved away.

Now she’s sixteen and returned home.



We made the pact when we were ten.

It would be the end of our friendships, we said. 

We all agreed. Mila was off limits. 

I broke the pact when I was twelve… 

I wont break it again.



Mila was my best friend, my neighbor and first crush.

But she wasn't just mine. 

We made a pact to save our friendships. 

Only I broke that pact the day she left. 

I won't make that mistake again.



Mila was my sunshine, my fighter… my heart.

I broke the pact and she still left.

She destroyed me with that first and last kiss.

Now I fight the monsters alone.

I won’t let her in again.



Jace, Hunter and Roman.

The four of us were best of friends growing up.

The last time I saw them all, I kissed them goodbye.

I broke their pact before I left, thinking I would never return. 

All three believe they were my first kiss.

But I will never kiss and tell.

They have made one thing very clear.

The pact still stands.

Twice Bitten in text. wolves, girl in leather jacket, trees. paranormal ebook series

For seventeen years Alexis “Lexi” Turner has been running. From foster homes, creeps on the street and the law.

Lexi is a survivor, she has spent her whole life moving from one abusive foster home to the next, until she decided to take charge of her own life. Living in abandoned buildings, couch surfing and working at a strip clubs were a huge improvement on what she had before. All she needs is enough money to feed herself, finish high school and hopefully go to college.

She has a plan.That is until she is caught and sent to live with a strange foster family up-state, —her new high school isn’t much better. 

Rafferty King was forced like Lexi to this new foster home, but he fits in better. And that’s saying something for a total misfit. Hot as hell and getting into fights, while ignoring her existence. Whatever.

Then there are the twins Ranger and Maverick, also known as “The joker and The Loner.” They know who she is and give her the new girl treatment she is all too familiar with.

And how can a history teacher look that hot, there should be rules against that kind of thing. But there is something about Galen Donovani, that has Lexi feeling safe when he is near. While everyone else avoids him. 

What the hell is going on in the state of Washington. And why are there so many wolves roaming at Port Willow High!

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